Saturday, 15 October 2016

People You Should Totally Be Following On Instagram

I may be just a little bit obsessed with Instagram lately. I seem to spend hours without realising, scrolling down my feed and getting totally jealous of everyone's amazing photos. Spending so long trying to pick a 'theme', taking photo's that match said 'theme' and generally just becoming an instageek. 

That being said, there are a few people on Instagram that I am seriously in awe of and probably have a gander of their feeds at least nine times a day. If you aren't following these people, then there is something seriously wrong with you.

Alsoooooo, post's like this wouldn't be complete without a shameless self promo... Here's my Instagram

Now go show these beauties some love, they're awesome.

Queen Beady 

Oh Bee, what a lovely lady with a lovely insta feed. I am 100%, completely and utterly in love with her feed, and also 100%, completely and utterly jealous at the fact that she goes on holiday all the freaking time and takes '#instagoals' worthy pictures on her travels. Like seriously, Bee, stop. Enough is enough. Either that, or take me with you next time. Thank you! 

Imii Mace

Oh my actual days, Imii probably has the most 'pleasing to eye' feed I have ever come across. Perfection has never been defined better. I don't know how she does it, but it's magical. Just when I start to like my Instagram, I take a look at Imii's and literally go from 100-0 in 2 seconds and hate myself and want to delete everything and give up on life. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but still.

Sophie Cliff

Sophie is a literal babe. I honestly love this girl. I think the thing about her Instagram feed is that it is such a true representation of her and her personality. She takes such gorgeous photo's and it's just a joy to scroll through her feed. On point, all the time, with every single photo. There's not one photo I see that I don't like of hers.

Liam Pitts

I loveeeeee Liam's feed so much. The colours are just fab and the picture quality is top notch. I love how down to earth his feed is. It's so simple but looks absolutely incredible. His photo's always really stand out. Little secret, I was once taking a 'quick glance' at his feed and ended up scrolling through the whole thing. No shame.

Male Stylist

Ugh, looking at Adam's feed just makes me want to be a male, ha! He is a fashion blogger and his style is just #goals. I just scroll through his feed and think to myself 'when I get a boyfriend, I'm going to make him dress like this'. Genuinely. So if you want to gaze at amazing male fashion, follow Adam. He's great.


Oh Emmie, the queen of flatlays. Seriously, I am so bloody jealous of this woman. If you love flatlays and more importantly flatlays with cups of tea in them, then Emmie is the gal for you! She's also daaaamn pretty, so every selfie is on point. Teach me your ways Emmie. 

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