Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Visiting Ashton Memorial | Lancaster

So for the past few days I have been in Lancaster visiting my best friend. On Saturday, we decided to go on a walk round the park by Ashton Memorial. The building itself was commissioned by Lord Ashton in 1909, in memory of his late wife. It is such a beautiful building which completely dominates Lancaster's skyline, situated in Williamson Park. 

It's such a nice place to just spend an hour or two walking around. Thankfully the weather was so nice as well, We took Harvey (her new little puppy) with us along the way and he totally enjoyed all the 'new puppy' attention he received by everyone walking by. There is also a butterfly house and a little cafe which is absolutely lovely but we didn't go in, purely because we had Harvey with us and couldn't take him in. 

I happened to take a small selection of photo's which I thought would be nice to share with you all and I also posted a video on YouTube that you can totally be amazing and check out too (hint hint!)

I didn't want to take too many photo's of the building because there was a wedding going on at the time (which by the way, it is such a cute venue to hold a wedding, if anyone is ever looking for venue's) and I felt a little bit rude, even though they probably couldn't even see me! We also couldn't see the inside or go up the memorial due to the wedding so maybe I'll get the opportunity to do that next time. 

I would definitely recommend that if you live close to Lancaster or happen to travel there, you should go and visit this place!

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