Wednesday, 24 June 2015

MAC Lipstick Wishlist

MAC is probably one of my favourite high end brands for make up at the moment. All the products they have on offer are of such high quality but unfortunately what comes with high quality is high prices. What I like about MAC though is that the prices aren't too extortionate. However it is still quite a long and slow process to build up a collection, especially if you aren't made of money - like me!

So as you can probably imagine, my wishlist is pretty long for MAC! There are so many amazing products that I long to get my hands on, but for the sake of not boring you with my endless list, I'm going to split my MAC wishlist into sections. Today, I will share with you my lipstick wants and needs! I'm the typical 'nude' loving kind of girl (we are talking about shades here, not anything else!) 

1. Velvet Teddy
find it here

Saturday, 20 June 2015

My Top 2 Foundations for Dry Skin

For many, many, many years, I have struggled with dry skin! What a nightmare. I'm sure if you are a dry skin sufferer also, you will feel my pain when I say that finding the right make up is EXTREMELY hard.

My dry skin is usually more noticeable on and around my nose, and my T-zone. Even with the right moisturiser and a good and healthy skincare routine, it just won't seem to go away! (although saying that it has settled down a little since I updated my skincare routine a few months ago - there will be a blog post about this coming soon so keep your eyes peeled) 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Lush Wishlist

As many people know, Lush is my all time favourite shop and I cannot have a successful shopping trip without visiting my local Lush store (even if it is just walk in, smell the place and walk back out again!)

You'd be lead to believe then, that I must have owned all of the Lush products you can get your hands on, but no, surprisingly there are a lot of products I have not yet picked up, but definitely DEFINITELY need! So I have created a wishlist for you to feast your eyes upon and possibly make you fall in love with Lush just as much as I am. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I must point out that none of the photos used in this post belong to me. All photos are copyright to their respectful owners.

1. Frozen Bath Bomb

find it here 


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

25 questions tag - Get to know me!


So I thought for my first post, instead of rambling on about myself telling you things you may or may not be interested in knowing, I'd do a fun and quick little tag which I have seen many bloggers do in the past. You will begin to get to know me more as the days, months and years go by but its nice to lay some foundations right? Enjoy!

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