Sunday, 9 October 2016

Why Living on Your Own is Actually Great

When I was younger, the thought of living on my own was actually quite terrifying. Who's going to cook everyday? Who's going to do all the cleaning? Who's going to pay all the bills? How the hell do you even pay bills? But in actual fact - it's awesome. 

No pants? Absolutely no problem.
You know when you sleep in just a shirt? Or just your underwear and you need to go to the kitchen? Now there's no need to put on clothes just to go get a drink and then get undressed again. 

You can poop freely.
Who needs to close the bathroom door? No housemate is going to awkwardly walk past, poo freely and to your hearts content. 

You can decorate however you like. 
Without housemates having any input what so ever. So that huge moose head you always wanted to put in the living room above the fireplace? GO FOR IT. No one can judge.

Space, space and more SPACE.
All the kitchen cupboards? Yours. All the wardrobes? Yours. All the drawers? Yours. Bookshelf? Yours. Every little bit of space is yours. It can't get much better than that can it? 

You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want.
Who says you can't have cake for breakfast, lunch and tea? When you live by yourself, no one is around to judge your eating habits or the contents of your fridge. Go wild.

You're music can be as loud as you want it to be.
Full volume was invented for a reason, use it. Who's going to be around to stop you from dancing around the whole house in just your pants, blasting out the Glee soundtrack?

Sing as loud as you want in the shower.
And never be judged if your angelic voice is a little rusty at 8am. 

No bed time.
You can get up whenever you want and go to bed whenever you want. If you want to watch a whole series of your favourite programme on Netflix until 4am, then you can do just that. 

"It's quite cold outside, are you not going to take a coat?" is simply unheard of.
Remember living at home and having your parents insist on you taking a coat to the club with you on a Friday night? That is quite frankly no more. 

And no matter how expensive bills can be...
When you pay them off, you feel like a complete and utter BOSS. 

So to all those people who said that living on your own in your early 20's would be extremely hard and you'd feel lonely 24/7, it really isn't that bad at all.

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  1. 👏🏾 This post just made my day and I just woke up. 😂 I definitely feel extra motivated to find my own place now. There's nothing like walking around naked in your own place. xx

    Autumn | A Fabulous Hippie

    1. Glad you liked it! There is a lot of freedom! It': great 😂 xx

      Krystal | krystalcx


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